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Past Production Photos

Suckers by Devin Berg, a biting post-grad comedic play about friendship, fate & the often unexpected transiency of life, was our first production as Seeded Productions in 2019.

Directed by: Leah Beth Etheredge

Cast: Carly Speno, Quinn Moran, Sydney Kirkegaard, Andreas Schmidt

Set Design: Dustin Ceithammer

Sound Design: Andrew Davis

Lighting Design: Erin Nihill

Lady Susan by Jane Austen, on of her most underrated novellas, was our quarantine creative project. You've Got Mail meets Pride and Prejudice meets...Gossip Girl? in our epistolary episodic take on Austen's pristinely written comedy.

Directed by Leah Beth Etheredge

Cast: Evan Bertram, Chase Ainsworth, Sydney Kirkegaard, Rachel Gifford, Sarah Smith, Benjamin Burke, Emma VanDeVelde

Shot independently by each actor

Edited by the Seeded Productions Team

Show Intro by Benjamin Burke

Into the Woods by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim is one of the world's most beloved musicals. In this new concept from director Leah Beth Etheredge, we explore the show through the lens of war, survival through play, and the dark truth of what we fear most.

Directed by Leah Beth Etheredge

Industry Reading Cast: Kayla Grizzard, Jeff Sundheim, Rachel Gifford, Antonio Brown, Carly Grossman, Kaitlin Obien, Timothy H Lee, Esteban Suero, Evan Bertram, Michel Vasquez, Ciji Bock, Maria Reginaldi, Grace Dunn, Trenton Hargraves, Taurien Hagans, Benjamin Burke

Music Director: Carson Eubanks

Movement Directors: Elyn Collier and Josh Dunn

Concept Photo Shoot Cast: Alex Vihn, Jeff Sundheim, Aviah Perumalla, Rachel

Photographer: Grace Copeland

Production Design: Josh Dunn

Lighting Design: Jacob Hiss

Costume Design: Leah Beth Etheredge

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