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What's Happening Now?

Stay up to date on all of the latest projects and events happening with Seeded Productions and its co-founders.

Seeded Productions Currently: 

The "For the Makers" Podcast

March 2023 

Spotify/Apple Podcasts 


Hephzibah House Commercial

We started a podcast!! Birthed from our love for all you makers out there, this podcast is one where we interview artists and creatives on their inspirations and processes and hope to inspire you all to listen well and tell stories.


Into the Woods 

Industry Reading

December 2022

  Hephzibah House  

Co-founder Rachel Gifford worked as a producer and sound mixer for a dancer commercial for NYC's hidden gem, Hephzibah House, executive produced by Grace Copeland of GCope Media.

March 2022

  Pearl Studios 

Know More

Directed by Seeded co-founder Leah Beth Etheredge, we finally gathered a group of actors and team of creatives for an industry reading of this new twist on a beloved Sondheim musical. 

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